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Pioneer Program’s
Community Connections Program (CCP) 

Pioneer Program’s Community Connections Program (CCP) program is a nonprofit, 501©3 transitional post-high school program for young adults with developmental disabilities characterized by communication and behavioral challenges such as autism spectrum disorder. The CCP program is designed to teach community skills, seek out community resources and adult support networks, and provide inclusive opportunities for young adults with social and behavioral challenges related to their disabilities to connect with their community. If you'd like more information, contact or (858) 208-3452.


The vision of Community Connections Program is to provide specialized training and support for young adults with developmental disabilities in inclusive community-based settings.

Community Access, Integration, & Inclusion

The Community Connections Program creates a unique and powerful positive impact on not only the participant’s quality of life, but also brings years of experience to bear on the training of naturally occurring community networks. Each participant will be entering a new community as a young adult, possibly in a new neighborhood, with a new job or set of volunteer or educational opportunities.


  • Volunteering in community outreach venues to work on social and vocational skills


  • Shopping, cooking, and activities that build practical daily skills


  • Practicing social skills in restaurants, cafes, etc. of all types.


  • Attending busy community festivals, sporting, and cultural events.


  • Riding public transportation - the bus, trolley, trains, ferry, etc. to promote independence.


  • Participating in integrated social recreational activities and venues such as community recreation centers and programs.


  • Accessing museums, zoos, amusement parks, and other unique San Diego venues!


The Community Connections Program recognizes that authentic inclusion requires training of all stakeholders to facilitate the highest quality of life and meaningful participation in society. Pioneer Program’s Community Connections Program believes that every individual has the right to live his or her life with the dignity, respect, and security afforded as a human being. Community access, accommodation, and inclusion are critical cornerstones for our unique young adults. Therefore, our program focuses on creating an environment of success for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities by bridging transition-gaps and supporting the step forward into adult living. Through the Community Connections Program, adults with developmental disabilities will be afforded opportunities to access the community and engage in the same activities in which their typically developing peers participate. Emphasis will be set on providing access to the least restrictive environments and fading back the amount of support needed for success.

One of the ways we accomplish this goal is to introduce our program to the community members we meet and help them understand how to accommodate communication and social barriers with members of the community whose abilities differ from their own. We may also provide Community Inclusion Training for any integrated community networks of support, social or vocational venues, or any other identified entity that would benefit from disability inclusion training to better understand, accommodate, and include those with developmental disabilities.

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