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Kids in Art Class

Welcome to Pioneer Programs

Helping Students and Young Adults of All Abilities Succeed
Through Community-Based Instruction

Our Community Schools' Mission

At Pioneer Programs we believe individuals of all abilities deserve an equal chance to be successful.

Our students deserve respect, independence, and should always have a voice.


We develop individualized support and learning systems while adding community involvement for students to excel in multiple environments.


We do this by providing a partnership of learning, growth, and respect between staff and students while nurturing a relationship between our students and the community.

Our Adult Program, CCP's Mission

The Community Connections Program mission is to provide supported access to integrated opportunities for individuals with social communication and behavioral challenges. Leading by example, we promote independence and inclusion by developing a network of community partnerships and educating the community at large about true all-abilities inclusion


Our Programs

We have two campuses; Community School of San Diego and Community School of San Diego High School.  

Community School of San Diego includes our Elementary/Middle School Program for students in grades K-8, and our Community School of San Diego High School includes our Transition Program for students ages 14-22.


Classes are organized by considering the age, social skills, communication skills, academic abilities, self-help, and daily living skills of each student.  We focus on community-based education and (pre) vocational job training.

Community activities are selected to support the student’s school program and reinforce skills in real-life settings. Activities are focused on pre-vocational and on job readiness and many of our students have small jobs in our own Ocean Beach community! 




Since opening our doors in 2003, we have positively impacted hundreds of students



School Districts

We enroll students from many school districts in and around the greater San Diego area



Community Based 

Instruction Locations

Including Balboa Park, Museums, Libraries, Restaurants, Vocational Job Sites & many more  


Student Success Stories

My husband and I had be looking at schools for Ryan for a while. He couldn’t sit still, he couldn’t focus, and couldn’t follow directions that didn’t include his favorite activities.  Ryan was able to read and do double-digit math and my husband and I knew he was incredibly bright, however, he has autism and at the time, he was pretty much non-verbal.


Ryan spent a day at Pioneer Programs, and when I went to pick him up the team greeted me with all that he could do,  not what he couldn’t. That’s what Pioneer does, they see what their students can do and build on it. He stood when couldn’t sit still, he took breaks riding in a wagon to the park, went on the swing when he lost focus, and he thrived.


Ryan is now very verbal. He is aware of those around him and he wants to take part in the world. I attribute that to the teachers at Pioneer Programs. Their love for what they do inspired me to become a Special Education teacher.

- Deborah

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